The road to World’s Strongest Man has 20 year Biosciences student Aarron Bullman training 3 hours a day 6 days per week, consuming 8000kcals daily. Between repping out 200kg shoulder presses and sneaking food into lectures Aaron allocates 2 hours of study per night and a does huge meal prep once per week. Aarron’s beast mentality has forced his body to unheard of levels of student strength, Aaron believes your strength is only limited by your mind power. We talk with Aaron to find out about his lifestyle and how you can go Bull mode, too.


Aarron Bulman, University of West England, BSc in Biosciences, 20 years old

About Aarron


I grew up in Surrey, played county level rugby and played in the school Daily mail cup. I have trained and competed in many fighting sports including boxing, judo and kickboxing. My greatest achievement throughout my boxing career was beating the three-county champion at the age of 15.


Hobbies and interests: Other sports that I enjoy include kayaking, windsurfing, water sports, skydiving. I am also an advanced PADI scuba diver, hoping to soon achieve my masters PADI qualification.


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Aarrons Training


I have trained for six years, since the age of 14, when my Dad encouraged me to start weightlifting to facilitate my rugby training. Bodybuilding runs throughout my family’s legacy. For instance, my close relatives Sean and Brian Bullman have competed in prestigious bodybuilding competitions around the world. Brian is currently an organiser of the IBBF Pro competition. However, it was my goal to change this legacy from training to look aesthetically muscular to being able to lift heavy weights and competing in the world of strongmen. My current goal is to eventually compete and win UK’s Strongest Man and qualify for World’s Strongest Man naturally.


Aarrons Stats


Bodyweight: 104.8kg

Yoke 25 metres: 320kg

Log press: 125kg

Arm over arm 20 metres: 500kg

Farmer carry: 125kg per hand no strap

Leg press: 5x750kg

Hack squat: 15x450kg

Squat: 1x240kg, 6x200kg

Bench Press: 1x220kg, 2x200kg, 4x180kg

Deadlift: 1x250kg, 5x230kg, 10x200kg

Silver dollar deadlift: 3x280kg

Seated military shoulder press: 8x200kg

Standing free bar shoulder press: 1x130kg

Dumbbell bench press: 8x80kg


Aaron Bulman (3 of 3)


Training Split


I train six days a week on a 3-day training split.

Day 1: chest + shoulders

Day 2: back + arms

Day 3: legs

Day 4: rest


I repeat this but like to switch up which days I train shoulders and arms.


Day 1 includes barbell bench (incline, decline and flat), dumbbell bench, chest flys, seated military shoulder press, clean and press, dumbbell work (e.g. lat raises, Arnold press etc).


Day 2 includes conventional deadlift, lat pulldowns, lat rows, rear delt raises, Romanian deadlifts, T-bar rows, dumbbell work (e.g. bicep curls, tricep extensions etc), cable work (e.g. rope tricep extensions etc).


Day 3 includes squats, front squats, hack squats, Romanian deadlifts, leg press, lunges, quad extensions, hamstring curls, abductor, sledge pushes, calf raises, hip thrusts.


(These sessions include different variations of the above exercises as well as exercises specific for Strongman events e.g. log press. Every week I replace one of these days with a Strongman training session at a specialist gym).



Favourite and Worst Exercises


My favourite exercise is squats. I don’t have a least favourite exercise because the harder it is the more I want to beast it.


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Aarrons Diet


I eat a high protein, high caloric diet which often includes chicken, minced meat, steak, eggs, milk and green veg. I aim for 8000cal a day. I drink Maximuscle Progain Extreme protein powder which has servings of 600kcal shakes. I drink these 2-3 times a day. I have 2 breakfasts, a snack, 2 lunches, a snack, 2 dinners and a “midnight” meal. An example of a dinner might be a whole chicken, veg and salad. I also get a takeaway at least once a week.


Favourite Food, Least Favourite Food


My favourite food is a 2kg bowl of spaghetti bolognese. My least favourite food is some fish like sardines.


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Uni lifestyle, struggles and triumphs


I allocate 2 hours of study a night and I fluctuate gym times (generally 3 hour sessions) to fit in with my Uni schedule. I struggle to fit in my meals on busy Uni days as some of my lectures can last for 3 hours at a time. I have set myself a goal of being more organised and meal prepping food at the beginning of the week, as opposed to buying food from the canteen.


The MASS Family


I have really enjoyed my first year as a MASS member and have felt very welcomed by the society. The gym meetups have given me a great opportunity to meet like-minded individuals and has given me my training partner, Sam Chen, who pushes me and screams “lightweight baby” (Ronnie Coleman). Right now, I am currently growing the strongman and strongwoman group in the MASS UWE society as well as organising MASS-wide competitions.


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Going from ‘Strong’ to an ‘Ultra-strong Bull’


I like to be the alpha male in the gym and if I see someone lift more than me I say “well done” but inside it’s tearing me apart. I make it my mission to beat their strongest lift. And then I find someone stronger on social media and it drives me to strive for greater heights. When lifting a quarter tonne in my hands it makes me feel on top of the world and as if I can achieve any of the goals I have laid out for myself.


Advice for people trying to go Bullmode also


I believe that food is more important than training. However, more important than this is being consistent and committed to your goals. Even if your body is aching the war continues. To be strong you don’t have to take any steroid. I have achieved everything I have done without this and I believe your natural strength is only limited by your mind power.


Aaron Bulman (2 of 3)


Instagram: @aarronbulman
Facebook: Bullman Mode




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