So we’re now well into February and the mad January gym rush has quietened down somewhat…

Hopefully, you have all set yourselves realistic (but still aspirational)  goals and are on track to achieve them in 2018. Many of us fall into the trap of setting ourselves unrealistic New Year’s resolutions, rushing to sign up for gym memberships, diet plans and magic pills promising us to give us the body we want as quickly as possible. But at MASS we know that getting a better body comes from hard work, clean nutrition and lots and lots of sweat. There are no quick fixes or easy solutions.; getting lean, strong and fit is hard work, but totally worth the effort when you can look in the mirror and say ‘I did that’.


One of the highlights of the MASS calendar is the SPC (the Student Physique Championships), which showcases the best of the best bods from our MASS societies. Entries opened in December 2017 and will close on March 9th ahead of the completion on 17th March 2018. To enter find the details here along with the rules, previous winners and preparation tips. Download the rulebooks for the categories in order to find out the judging criteria.


Do you have what it takes to become the next SPC champions? Have you been working hard to get leaner, stronger and have abs that most people can only dream of? Then sign up and put yourself in the game… you’ve got to be in it to win it.


And that’s exactly what MASS founder David Bissell has done … this year his resolution was to be the best he could be. And when you are the best, you have to compete with the best, so David will be competing in the WBFF World’s in Las Vegas in August this year. We’re sure that he’ll bring home something nice and shiny (and not just his winnings from the slot machines!).  


Looking for pro tips on how to prepare for the contest? Then check out the recording of the contest prep webinar we hosted last week. Find the webinar details and recording information here.





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