maximuscle rebrand

Taking It To The MAX

If you thought Maximuscle was already one of the most renown household names in sports nutrition with the most proven, tested and effective products then you’re about to be blown away by what they have in store.   A full revamp including new branding, optimised in house manufacture and nutritionist specification product recalibration has been READ MORE



Aarron ‘The Bull’ Bullman

The road to World’s Strongest Man has 20 year Biosciences student Aarron Bullman training 3 hours a day 6 days per week, consuming 8000kcals daily. Between repping out 200kg shoulder presses and sneaking food into lectures Aaron allocates 2 hours of study per night and a does huge meal prep once per week. Aarron’s beast mentality READ MORE



Make a Meal Plan

Making a meal plan pays; when your mind has squabbled with uni work the last thing you want to be worrying about is where you’re going to get your dinner from.   Preparing food and packing it in Tupperware in the morning or the night before saves time & money, ensures that you are consuming adequate READ MORE


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SPC Competitor Close Up: Joshua Owolabi

The basics – How old are you, which university do you go to and what do you study? 21, Southampton Solent. Studying: Electronic Engineering   How did you get into fitness? My Flatmate was a qualified PT.   What made you want to compete? To show all my hard-work and network with likeminded, fitness-oriented individuals. READ MORE


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SPC Competitor Close Up: Alex Dommett

 The basics – How old are you, which university do you go to and what do you study? I’m Alex, I am 20 years old currently studying for an Economics BSc at the University of Kent. How did you get into fitness? My fitness journey began with playing football from a very young age. I READ MORE


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Overnight Oats Brownie Batter Recipe

This week, I had a go at making something which my Instagram has been inundated with recently; overnight oats.   Picture delicious looking foods in mason jars with mouth-watering toppings and that’s overnight oats for you. I’ve been wanting to make these for ages because they seem like the perfect macro friendly breakfast for on READ MORE



What It Takes to Be the Best – Rosie Howard

The MASS Team caught up with University of Reading student and female athlete of the year Rosie Howard to find out what it’s like, and what it takes, to be the national champ! Name: Rosie Howard University: University of Reading Course: BSc Archaeology Year of Study: 2 Congratulations! How does it feel to be crowned the READ MORE



USN Pre-Workout Comparison

Case study user reviews of Hyperdrive NO and BCAA Amino-Gro, based on 2-3 discrete usages at the recommended doses, as well as comparisons between the products and market alternatives. As USN offers a number of pre workouts, this will not be a comprehensive review of their range, so the two products will be considered stand-alone READ MORE



Interview with shredded student Josh Leader

University: Leeds Degree title and year of study: MBCHB MEDICINE AND SURGERY (3RD YEAR) BSc CLINICAL SCIENCES (CARDIOVASCULAR MEDICINE) 2014 Age: 21 Height: 170cm Weight: 160lbs   How long have you been weight training? 3.5 years   What got you into weight training? I was a keen sportsman at school and wanted to improve performance. READ MORE



Weight Loss through Flexible Dieting – Daniel Olusina

Are you tired of doing endless cardio with no signs of weight loss? Eating the same “clean” meals over and over causing you to cheat regularly? Would you like to learn of a new approach that enables you to treat yourself daily? Then flexible dieting aka if it fits your macros may be just the approach you need. READ MORE


press up

Push Up, Or Shut Up!

Reinventing the push up into a viable bench press alternative.   You love to bench press. Everyone does. It’s a simple move, you can load up big weights on it, and it trains major muscles you love to see in the mirror. However, the bench press isn’t always the safest option. If you don’t have READ MORE



Insulin – The Muscle Building Hormone

Insulin is a protein that is secreted from the pancreas when a carbohydrate or protein source is ingested into the body. It is transported in the blood in order to regulate blood glucose levels as they must be closely monitored by the body in order to ensure internal conditions in the body remain stable and READ MORE



Green Tea – A Natural Fat Burning Supplement

With the number of people in the gym ever increasing, treadmills smoking and the sight of people crunching widespread, the question burning everybody’s’ lips, does that magic supplement exist? A powder or capsule that can torch fat naturally?   Name: Brandon Tiller University: Southampton Course: Biochemistry Year of Study: 2nd Year There are whispers in the READ MORE



Carb Cycling Explained – Justin Bland

Carbohydrate cycling is a method of carbohydrate manipulation that utilizes days of eating both high and low amounts of carbohydrates on a daily basis. Name: Justin Bland University: University of Leeds Course: BSc (hons) Sport and Exercise Sciences with Physiology Year of Study: Graduated in 2015, Starting an MSc Nutrition.   Why Carb Cycle? Improves insulin READ MORE



Daniel Olusina – Banishing Gym Myths

With a new wave of bro science and sub optimal gym advice being circulated throughout uni gyms I feel it is necessary to distinguish which pieces of advice are beneficial and which are pure fiction… So below I’ve listed 8 of my least favourite myths and how to combat them. Name: Daniel Olusina University: Kent Course: READ MORE



Shopping on a Student Budget

Shopping on a student budget is all about common sense. It’s very simple. The key is organisation and sacrifice. Being smart and thinking before you act. Planning ahead in order to not find yourself with an empty fridge. Don’t give into peer pressure, just because the house is ordering a pizza it doesn’t mean you READ MORE



Bench Press World Record Holder – Owen Hubbard

Celebrating the end of exams just found whole new meaning, recent Bournemouth University graduate Owen Hubbard left the partying to the rest of us as he flew out to South Africa to set the Junior World Record in the Bench Press! Just 1 hour after the final exam of his entire degree Owen boarded a READ MORE



Ask The Academic: Martin MacDonald on Fresher Problems

MASS Spoke with Martin MacDonald to get those all important answers to some underlying Fresher Problems. Martin is a Clinical Performance Nutritionist and founder of the UK’s Leading Consultancy for Nutrition Advice, Martin now works primarily as a the lead nutrition consultant to teams such as Derby County FC and Leicestershire CCC, organisations such READ MORE



Training: Back to the Basics with Matt Sallis

The common mistake that beginner, and sometimes even experienced, lifters make is overthinking or overcomplicating their training. For a successful and easily tracked progressive plan it is a simple matter of manipulating the basic variables   Name: Matt Sallis University: St Mary’s Course: Strength & Conditioning Year of Study: 3rd The Basics Compound exercises – READ MORE



Being The Best: American Football Exclusive with Adam Hope

What does it take to be the best? Genetics, skill, dedication, training, practice – All of those. However, I always remember the saying “hard work beats talent when talent fails to work hard”….   Know your Nutrition There is no ‘one size fits all’ for nutrition, the demands of each position require different nutritional goals. READ MORE