A Mentally and Physically Life Changing Opportunity.

Lose the freshers fluff and make a transformation.

MASS Student Shredding is here for anyone who’d like to make a major change to their lifestyle. It’s a journey where, alongside all of the other entrees, you’ll aim to transform your body in just 12 weeks.

Although ultimately a competition, Student Shredding is a support system and a community. You’ll be added to a private group, receive weekly advice emails and be granted access to exclusive training systems and workouts to help you in the gym. Win or not, you’ll come out this a new person.

To enter, we’ll ask you to send in a video talking about yourself and photos showing off your current physique at the beginning and end of student shredding. This allows us to document your journey and facilitate judging.

The top 10 transformations as assessed by our expert panel will go into the finals, having their videos published to inspire the MASSes, before we announce the overall male and female winners shortly afterwards.

There are prizes for the top 10, and HUGE prizes for the overall winners.

So if you’re looking for a challenge, a community, a journey, a commitment, a new you. Sign up to Student Shredding this November.

See the other sections for details on how to enter and LET’S GET SHREDDED!



Student Shredding is a weight loss competition aimed at beginners to intermediates, it’s about shredding and leaning out. Improvements in strength and muscle mass aren’t awarded points… unless of course you get shredded at the same time.

The total shredding period is 12 weeks. You send in a video and photos at the beginning and at the end for the judges to assess your shred. There are two weeks from when submissions open to still enter and submit your first video, but the later you enter, the less time you have to shred.

The first submissions will be accepted from Friday 9th November. The last submissions and entries closing will be on Friday 23rd November.

Upon entry, a video, 3 photos and student ID must be provided in your submission. See the ‘video submissions’ tab for details on how to submit your video and photos.

After 12 weeks, at the close of the competition, the closing video and photo submissions form will be sent out on Friday 1st February. Monday 4th February will be the last day to submit by.

Videos can be taken on any camera. A mobile phone is fine.

This is a transformation competition. We’ll be assessing where you’ve come from to where you are now. The best end result physique won’t necessarily win, the best transformation will.


Thank you to



For sponsoring the competition and providing such great prizes.

Top 10

  • Student Shredding Winner T-Shirt

  • Maximuscle goodie bag delivered to you

Overall Winners

  • A aximuscleMM athlete experience day in central london with WBFF Pro Muscle Model World Champion Wole Adesemoye, travel covered.


When entering student shredding you’ll receive;

Weekly advice emails

  • A full series from Dr Paul Rimmer

  • Everything from calories to training volume

  • Designed to give you the know how to make your best transformation

  • Multiple emails per week

Private Support Group

  • Access to a private Facebook support group with expert moderators

  • Get to know the other shredders’ and ask questions

  • David Bissell, Dominic O’Connor and Dr Paul Rimmer… At your service

Subscription to PT Online App

  • 3 months FREE subscription to PT online app worth £30

  • Individualised workouts

  • Fat Loss Plan

  • Exercise videos

The chance to change your life and inspire others to do the same

student shredding register

Purchase an entry through the link below and when the time comes we’ll email you the video submissions form, guidelines for recording your video and the unique code for your first video submission.

Entries are now Closed. Check back next year :)

student shredding video sub

Entering Student Shredding is all about being completely open and honest about where you are currently, and where you want to be at the end of student shredding. By doing so, you’re much more likely to achieve your goal.

The submission involves a video and three photos. See our examples below from MASS Presidents Shamil and Hattie who will guide you through the process.

Video – Introducing yourself, your Uni and course, why you’re entering student shredding, where you are currently, where you aim to be by the end of student shredding and anything else you’d like to add. Your story is important, it helps show the extent of your transformation.

3 Photos – front facing, side facing, rear facing. Shorts and shirtless for men. Shorts and sports bra or bikini for women.

student shredding student shredding student shredding

Student Shredding Student Shredding Student Shredding

The only difference for you is that you must write down ‘SS18‘ on a piece of paper and show it both in the video and in the photos to prove that they are at this current time.

Submit your video and three photos through the submission form below. You need to have purchased an entry prior and have your order number handy when completing the form. You can do this in the ‘Register’ tab.

Click here for submission form >> SUBMISSION FORM