Saturday 1st June 2019, The Gym Revolution, Nailsea.

Blackfriars Rd, Nailsea, Bristol, BS48 4DJ.

The biggest and best student strongman competition is back. And this time it’s with a 2019 summer strongman!

Open to entry for all University Students. The men will be split into three categories, the ladies two, all of whom will have to complete 4 daring events.

Planned by Student Strongman competitor and worlds strongest man hopeful Aarron ‘The Bull’ Bullman MASS Summer Strongman will start with the legendary head to head deadlift and finish on the iconic keg over yoke.

All abilities welcome, the competition is suitable for everyone. Categories are based on your experience level, so simply pick the right category for you and come down and enjoy the fun.

Home to many of the UK’s strongest men and women, The Gym Revolution have hosted multiple strongman competitions and boast an entire strongman section made up of the latest state of the art strength equipment, which will be exclusively ours for the event.

There will be category winners and a UK’s Strongest Man, Women and University awarded. Expect some great prizes to be announced soon!

Two forms of ID will be required on the day; a valid student ID and regular form of ID.

Check out the register tab to enter today.



Come down and support friends and family as a spectator.

Student Strongman Spectator Ticket



The weights are subject to change in the build-up to the event. Once entered you can change the category as many times as you wish up until and including on the day of the event, so don’t hesitate to get your entry in now and sort out the small stuff later!




1 minute to do as many reps as you can.

Women’s novice: 60 kg

Women’s inter: 90kg

Men’s novice: 100kg

Men’s inters: 160kg

Men’s opens: 200kg


Log press

1 minute to do as many reps as you can.

Women’s novice: 40kg (Olympic bar)

Women’s inter: 60kg (log) 

Men’s novice: 60kg (log)

Men’s inters: 80kg (log)

Men’s opens: 100kg (log)


Yoke carry and Farmers run 20m each

10m track. Yoke 10m drop and turn 10m back, the same on farmers. Time trial.

Women’s novice: yoke 100kg and 30kg per hand farmers

Women’s inter: yoke 160kg and Farmers 60kg per hand

Men’s novice: yoke 160kg and Farmers 60kg per hand

Men’s inter: yoke 200kg and Farmers 80kg per hand

Men’s opens: yoke 260kg and Farmers 100kg per hand


Keg over yoke

1 minute to do as many reps as you can. Throw over, run around, throw back over…

Women’s novice: keg weighing with 20kg of water

Women’s inter: keg weighing with 40 kg of water

Men’s novice: keg weighing with 40 kg of water

Men’s inter: keg weighing with 60kg of water

Men’s opens: ked weighing with 90kg of water.


Tiebreaker Squats

1 minute to do as many reps as you can.

Women’s novice: 60kg

Women’s inter: 100kg

Men’s novice: 100kg

Men’s inters: 150kg

Men’s opens: 180kg


Purchase an Entry ticket below and the fill out and complete a submissions form further below that, quoting your order purchase number.

Student Strongman Competitor Entry



The Schedule

09.00 – Registration & Warm-Ups

10.00 – Event #1 Head to Head deadlift (max reps, small allowance for hitching judge’s decision)

11.40 – Event #2 Log Press (overhead for most reps as possible in time)

13.25 Event #3 Yoke carry and farmer carry medley (time trial)

15.10 Event #4 Keg over yoke (max reps in time)

Tie-breaker if required (head to head squats)

16.35 Awards and Presentation (delayed in the event of tiebreaker)

17.00 Showers with Aarron


Event and Category Running Order

Each event will follow the below order

  • Chance to try out the equipment/familiarise

  • Event briefing

  • Female novice competitors

  • Female inter competitors

  • Men’s novice competitors

  • Men’s inter competitors

  • Men’s open competitors