The League of Society Excellence.

Compete against other MASS societies nationwide to become the Ultimate MASS.

A true test of society excellence, Ultimate MASS covers every aspect of running a top-notch MASS society and delivering on the MASS mission. Administration, Social Media, Events, Contribution to the MASS national and those all-important activity numbers all play a part in this multi-dimensional league.

It’s about the brains and the brawns. The hard work and passion. The planning and execution. As a society committee, going at Ultimate MASS with victory in mind is going to take teamwork, communication, action, and above all, heart.

The guidelines and tasks outlined steer you in the right direction, the points league aspect creates some friendly competition and motivation to do well. Ultimate MASS is designed to help you deliver a breathtaking experience to your society members while developing the key management and leadership skills you’re here for. It’s a win win.

The only question left to ask is… Are you the Ultimate MASS?

As well as end of year winners, there are milestones along the way, rewards for points earned and other competitions to keep it interesting. Whether your society is new or old, big or small, northern or southern, you can have fun and gain experience for your CV by taking part in Ultimate MASS.

So review the points available as a committee and plan your attack. You’ll check in with MASS HQ on a regular basis to redeem points earned and climb the league table. Come June, the league standings will be hidden and the winners announced at the end of year Awards Ball.


1st, 2nd and 3rd place will be awarded in Ultimate MASS.

Sponsor and prize details coming soon…



1MASS St Andrews175
3MASS Leicester163
4MASS Bristol129
5MASS Brighton125
6MASS Bournemouth112
7MASS Bradford101
9MASS Chester68
11MASS Plymouth31
12MASS Brookes18
13MASS Bedfordshire6
14MASS Keele0

These league standings are correct as of 10/02/2019 following the ‘Term 1’ mark up. The next mark up will be ‘Term 2’ in April.

For a full breakdown of where and how each society has earned its points. Head to our LIVE data sheet HERE and click the ‘Points Earned’ tab.


Milestones are available at major points totals.

  • 100 Points – reward A

  • 200 Points – Reward B

  • 300 Points – Reward C

  • 400 Points – Reward D

  • 500 Points – Reward E

Rewards coming soon…



ULTIMATEMASS_awards ball

MASS Awards

The MASS Society Awards recognise the commitment and passion shown by MASS committee members and members across the year’s activities. It’s an event for your achievements to be recognised and rewarded. This is your chance to take centre stage for your achievements, at the awards, which is open to all MASS societies, no matter how big or small.


Saturday 1st June

Bristol, 5-7pm

Venue TBA


The Awards


Ultimate MASS society

To recognise the most outstanding society.

This award is based purely on the Ultimate MASS league standings. Whoever finishes top of the league table, will be crowned the Ultimate MASS society.


Additional Awards


All further awards are decided by MASS HQ. To increase your society’s chances, you can email in any information or evidence that MASS HQ may not be aware of to info@muscleathleticsports.com. All societies should email in a nomination for Member of the Year. 

President of the Year

To recognise the most outstanding president.


Committee of the Year

To recognise the most outstanding committee.


Member of the Year

To recognise the most enthusiastic and inspiring member.


Event of the Year

To recognise the most outstanding society event.


Most Improved Society

To recognise the fastest growing society.


Although these awards recognise the few societies that have done that bit extra, all MASS societies have achieved great things, and we look forward to celebrating this together.



The Points available can be viewed in the Google sheet through the link below.

Ultimate MASS Points Available


Freshers Competition

Win 500 protein bars for your society

Clothing competition

Win a professional photo shoot for your society