mass wars

MASS Wars 2018

Thee All-Out Battle Over Who Really is the Strongest Uni in the UK.

Get Ready for War!

Saturday 17th November 2018
Battleground Fitness, Swindon, SN2 2PJ.

A team event, MASS Wars will consist of 4 heats of strength battles taking elements from all disciplines. A combination of exercises from bodybuilding, strongman, powerlifting, callisthenics, CrossFit and endurance sports put together into a series of exercises to make a ‘parkour’ which teams will go head to head against one and other to complete in the fastest time possible.

Men’s teams are of 4, Women’s teams are of 2 and mixed teams are 4 (2 men and 2 women). Round up the troops at your University and bring as many teams as you dare.

Although the strongest are poised to win, sheer strength and athleticism won’t see you through to victory on its own. There’s a tactical element to MASS Wars, between your team you’ll have to decide on the best system for subbing in and out of ‘working’. Only one member of your team can work at one time, and you’ll each have your own strengths and weaknesses, who works when? You decide.

Rules will be strict, your form will be monitored and judges will be ready to step in and give penalties. In other words, no half-reps, please… Leave those guys at home ;).

Wars will be challenging, it will test your limits physically and mentally. The male and female categories will be the toughest for each sex respectively, mixed will be slightly scaled, plan your University’s teams accordingly. Teams must consist of students from the same University.

Wars will be awarding winners for male, female and mixed based on the highest scoring teams from each category. The biggest award of the day will be the Overall University winners decided by the total of all your teams’ points across all categories, points from male and female teams will carry more weight here. The more teams you bring, the better your teams’ do, the higher your chances.

A full day event, from 9am to 5pm, Wars is set to be the highlight of the MASS calendar this side of 2018/19. Expect fun, laughter, sweat, sicks pumps, adrenaline, PBs, awesome music and a whole lot of endorphins!

Due to capacity entries are limited to 32 teams only and we do anticipate this event will sell out. See the FULL COMPETITION PAGE for all the details and let’s get ready for WAR!