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We are the University Society like no other. When Fresher’s Week rolls out each year at Universities across the country, lads and girls flock to sign up for the traditionally popular Football and Netball teams. So what about those students interested in going to the gym and weight-training, who may not want to sign up for such teams? Why should these students miss out on the benefits of joining a society? Well with MASS they no longer have to!

The Muscle and Athletic Sports Society (MASS) has changed all of that. MASS is a society for Bodybuilding, Strength Training, Fitness, Sports Performance and Nutrition.

At MASS we aim to provide a community and platform for you to achieve your ultimate fitness goals in a safe and healthy environment through education and training. We support each of our students in trying new ways of working out with nutrition advice, mentoring and support to equip YOU with the motivation and know how to do it on your own outside of the organised MASS events.

We aim to motivate, inspire and encourage students to look after and improve their body whilst enjoying their University experience.


  • Ambition focus and drive to achieve your goals in fitness, sport and life.
  • Community likeminded and approachable people can learn, train and perform together.
  • Taking control guidance and education enable you to take control of your own fitness and progression.
  • Platform showcase your abilities, whatever your goal, in a competitive but collegiate atmosphere.
  • Value every service and event is accessible to all at an affordable price



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As a society MASS has been set up in such a way that it can appeal to as many students as possible and offer a broad range of benefits to its members.

When joining the society there are immediate benefits. Members are able to obtain discounts on sports supplements, membership and entry at specific gyms and receive access to exclusive taster classes to kick-start the year. The Society also offers a beginners pack as well as many other guidance documents for those members who may be new to training and looking for advice. Our links to organisations in the fitness industry mean that an array of other great benefits and discounts are also available to members throughout the year.

Taster sessions are offered at the beginning of each academic year then, once everyone has established their goals, throughout the year most events are focused on training and improvement.

MASS also offers general health, fitness and muscle building advice to any members looking for tips, as well as access to more specialist knowledge for wishing to increase their performance further and competitive opportunities for those looking to challenge themselves.

There are hands-on events and classroom events held for members over the course of the academic year. These include weekly group training events, fitness expos, one-off specialist group training, lectures and seminars.

If you want to put your skills to the test in a friendly atmosphere then MASS’s Competitions are for you. Our student competitions where individual athlete’s and University teams compete both regionally and nationally against other Universities will certainly motivate you to hit the gym hard!

If all of the above wasn’t already enough then for the fitness fanatics there are group trips to exhibitions throughout the year. BodyPower Expo included!

Whilst nobody at MASS claims to be a Personal Trainer, MASS offers the chance to talk, train and become friends with people who have lots of knowledge and years of experience in these topics, as well as opportunity to observe their training or nutrition.


Anyone can join MASS. Whether you have a physique that rivals Arnold Schwarzenegger or has never set foot in a gym, if you want to transform your body and are motivated to achieve goals then MASS can help you make it happen! And give you the opportunity to make some great friends along the way!

 – David Bissell


  • Training and assistance as part of the society.
  • Events you can attend with friends and take part in.
  • Education on fitness and nutrition.
  • Network of students and community.
  • Access to specialist trainers, influencers and events
  • Discounts on partnership supplements and clothing
  • Gym buddy to train with throughout the year.
  • Competitions to challenge yourself.



mass society




If your a student at a University where a MASS society exists then you can join today. Just click through on your University below to go to your societies page where you can find out more about MASS at your uni, what it does, who runs it and where to join.


Find the link on your society’s page or go to your SU site and search ‘mass’ in the societies section. You can’t join on our website here, you can only join on your Students Union website.


Not seeing your Uni above? Head to Start MASS at your Uni where you can find out about how you could be the next MASS founder and president.


For any questions, get in touch with us at