In MASS’s member of the month competition we’re awarding one lucky member with huge prizes for an inspiring achievement.


Have you defied the odds and achieved something truly spectacular? Have you made a transformation? Have you taken on a new lifestyle? Or maybe you’ve overcome a serious injury or illness? Whatever your story, we want to hear it!


To be in with a chance of winning a Protein Dynamix student bundle and 5kg of chicken from Musclefood fill in the submission form below and send you’re before and after pictures to with your name and subject ‘member of the month’.


Submission deadline has been extended to Sunday 28th February.



Kelynn Renals

4th Year psychology student, Cardiff University

I used to be fat, now I am less fat. When I was fat, there were lots of times when I was happy with the way I looked, now there are times when I am not happy with the way I look. Despite what the media says, being leaner does not guarantee happiness. This being said, I have changed a lot as a person in the time between these two photos, and that’s because I’ve met a load of new people that I wouldn’t have met otherwise. Gym people are often seen as narcissistic bellends, but most people are usually using it as a way of working through something that they’ve got going on, whether it’s self-esteem, mental health, stress, trying to become stronger for a sport that they love etc. This is why I think that the key to being happier is not about looking skinnier, it’s about eating foods that keep you healthy and going and doing something new with people who build others up, rather than knocking them down. P.s. I still want to get leaner, but that’s more to do with hitting weight categories that’ll help me compete :).

June 2014 – January 2016



Keylnn Renals


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