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Starting MASS at Your University

A fitness community already exists at your University. It’s time to give that community a society. The MASS revolution has already happened at Leicester and is happening across the country – even in the USA!


What is MASS?

MASS stands for the Muscle & Athletic Sports Society. We are a chain of societies based at UK and USA universities. Our organisation exists to help improve the fitness opportunities available to students whilst they are at university through helping their Universitys fitness community become an organised society. As fitness enthusiasts, we want to empower you to run events, help others and receive a variety benefits in the process for doing what you enjoy – all whilst making great friends!

As well as focusing on general health and fitness, MASS accounts for niche fitness sports under the umbrella of ‘The MASS Games’ This includes the Student Physique Championship, Powerlifting, MASS’s Strongest Man, the Student Throwdown (CrossFit) and Olympic Weightlifting. To top it all off all of our committee members news, fitness advice and reports from the Games go into our official publication – StudyFit, the number one magazine for student fitness and lifestyle. We go above and beyond what most societies offer! Giving you the complete experience in Muscle & Athletic Sports.

Your call, our backing!

Running a MASS society is interesting, exciting and challenging! We provide training, programs of events, branding, sponsors, a “how to” pack on running your society, direct support from David Bissell (the founder of MASS) and we link you to other MASS societies on a national/international scale. You have our backing, but this will be your club and you’ll be responsible for running and administering it! As president of your society you’ll need to gather a committee of like minded individuals to run MASS with you. Operating a MASS society is like running a mini business, along this journey you will develop many new skills and gain the sort of experience that attracts employers and makes you stand out from the crowd.

Being a part of the MASS network

David Bissell founded the first MASS society at the University of Leicester in 2011 which he was the president of for 2 years. In 2013 he passed over the Leicester society to a promising new MASS committee.
Beyond, he has started The Body MASS Ltd; a not for profit organisation that assists Uni MASS societies and organises national events that can bring those societies together – creating a supportive MASS network that will foster success and achievement for you and your members wherever you are studying. We are all in it together and as a society, can provide your university’s fitness community with a supportive environment where you’ll really feel part of a team. To kick start each year we hold a conference where everyone will be able to meet and David will run through the years objectives and operation of the society.


 Time to get started!

Email with your name, University and a short summary about why you’d be the perfect student to start MASS at your Uni!