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Focus on: MASS Internship – Gemma Dunne

We recently awarded two of our interns this year with our first ever ‘Star Intern Award’ and wanted to take the opportunity to share a little about them and also our internship activities.


Here’s our interview with Gemma who is studying Business and Project Management at The University of Bedfordshire. She is the President for MASS Bedfordshire that she set up in October 2016.




Gemma, could you tell us a few things about yourself?

I love all things muscle sports, I have competed in powerlifting meets, done a bodybuilding show and I am currently training in Strong Woman. Basically, I love lifting heavy weights and putting them down again! I heard about MASS from an ex-student at Beds Uni and thought this would be a great way to meet other students with the same interests as me and get involved in muscle sports from a student perspective. 



What was your role during your internship and why did you go down the internship route with MASS?


My role was Business Development, so I was tasked with researching and sourcing new products for the merchandise line. I have always been very active with MASS and have a lot of contact with David [Bissell, President of MASS] so when this opportunity came up I thought why not? It was a chance to use what I have been studying and is something a bit different to add to my CV.


What was the biggest lesson you took away from the time you spent with MASS?

Patience! Going back and forth with suppliers, sifting through the 100s of options trying to find the best products for our members, the importance of paying attention to detail and asking the right questions to get a good deal. Merchandising is not something I have worked with before so it was all very interesting and different for me.


What was the highlight of your work?

Working with David was really cool, I have always found the story of MASS and how it all got started really interesting, in that a student found a niche in the market and this has now turned it into a national business. As a business student I find this quite inspiring. So, to be able to work closely with David on MASS was great!


What did you enjoy most creating?

The new MASS hats! The beanies are awesome and it took me a while to find a good beanie that we could customise with the logo, I have seen a few posts on Insta of people wearing them. It is so nice to see the end product already out there!


Why should other students apply for an internship?

Of course we should all do things like this to expand our experience in preparation for the real world once we graduate, but what I like the most about doing an internship at MASS it is all based on something I am actually interested in. But, at the same time ,I was able to apply a lot of what I am studying to the work. It has even given me some ideas for my dissertation next year. 


How did you find working directly with David?

I was actually on a study exchange in Vietnam whilst doing this internship so one of the things that was great with David was that he was very flexible and structured, we worked out a suitable time for us have Skype calls every week to discuss the work, make plans and set objectives. He was very clear in his direction so I always knew what I needed to do. A couple of times I made some mistakes or assumptions with the suppliers and David was always very understanding, he would help me resolve it and always explain what he would have done having learnt from similar mistakes himself. The thing I liked the most was I was encouraged to bring my own ideas to the table and some of those were taken on.


If you’re interested in a rewarding internship with MASS get in touch at


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