Battle of the Students 2016 – The Future of Fitness

No more worthy a battleground for the Battle of the Students could there be than CrossFit Bath, home to many of the legends of British CrossFit! And so, amongst the CrossFit elite and the hard-earned trophies, the future of fitness was witnessed as students from across the country fought it out to be crowned the fittest male and female students in the UK. And the event pulled no punches in making them work for the title, starting off with 6 minutes of thrusters and burpees!



thrusters_battleofthestudents battle of the students

Well and truly warmed up, the athletes then took turns completing a heavy bear complex; 15 full body weightlifting movements, one after another, without letting go of the bar: as heavy as possible in a 10 minute time window. Everyone showed the spirit of the sport by cheering on their fellow competitors through the tough reps, and the orchestrator of denchness himself even did the events. After grinding through the heavy stuff, it was time to fly through a cardio blast in the 3rd event, consisting of rowing and burpees in an opposing pyramid rep scheme; Sam Cass’s rowing WODs paid off as he stormed into first place. The final event of the heats was then a tough kettlebell triplet, but that was nothing compared to the finals!



bearcomplex_battleofthestudents battle of the students

battleofthestudents_cardioblast battle of the students

battleofthestudents_kettlebellblast battle of the students

The scaled finals saw athletes complete 160 reps in total of ground to overheads, burpee box jump overs, squat cleans and pull ups. The RX’d final was split into another tough triplet and a home straight of overhead lunges, air squats, and a legless rope climb to claim the title. Glen Harper flew through the handstand pushups and high box jumps, buying him plenty of time to reach the top of the rope first.



battleofthestudents_overheadlunge battle of the students

battleofthestudents_handstandpushup battle of the students

After 6 gruelling workouts and a healthy dose of camaraderie, the results were in. The fittest male student was Sam Cass, and the fittest female student was Janine Dovey, with Sagar Shah winning the hotly contested men’s scaled category. Overall, Cardiff University claimed the crown of ‘fittest university’. Thank you again to CrossFit Bath for hosting the event, to the judges and organisers for making it run smoothly, and to all the athletes for their great hustle!



battle of the students

battle of the students

battle of the students

battle of the students

battle of the students

battle of the students

The journey to #BoS2017 begins…

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Written by Shaun Howell




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