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MASS Contest Prep Webinar Round-Up

If you weren’t able to join us for the contest prep webinar last week… shame on you!! Only kidding, we know lives are busy and commitments sneak up and consume all of our time. Hopefully, you were just hitting the gym instead… those weights won’t lift themselves, will they?

The recording of the 120 minutes of wisdom imparted by Paul Rimmer, with his delightful assistant David, can be found here.


We also wanted to summarise some of the key points and advice shared right here, right now (cue FatBoy Slim)…



‘If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it’; this was a theme of the webinar! Keep up the volume of training, but evidently, these next few weeks are not going to be when you’re achieving your PBs on the biggest weights. Keep the reps and volume high (6 days a week), as well as including MISS cardio sessions to maximize energy expenditure. Also, don’t forget to keep up your ‘NEAT’ (Non-Exercise Activity Thermogenesis) in other words, how many steps you walk in a day. As you start cutting and really dipping into your calorie deficit your body will naturally start moving less to conserve energy, so try to keep the daily step counts above 5000 to burn those additional calories.



As we’re now 7 weeks out from SPC, everyone should already be in pretty good shape. In the next 7 weeks, guys (if needed) can lose up to 19-20 lbs before the competition, girls up to 9lbs. So, if there’s still a bit of ‘fluff’ to be shifted, now is the time to do it. Knuckle down, fill up on ‘bro’ foods and keep your energy levels as high as possible so you can make the most out of your workouts.


Keeping track

Take measurements regularly, consistently and accurately. Also, remember that your weight will fluctuate so the more data you have, the more accurate your progress tracking will become. Try to find someone with competition experience to be an honest ‘eye’ get them to take a look at your physique and critique (honestly) what areas need to be worked on, if that’s not an option, then an honest and frank friend/workout buddy will do! Make adjustments (increase cardio/decrease calories) based on the data you have been recording. 



Sometimes it’s necessary to refill the tank, but ask yourself whether you’re 100% on track with your goals. If you’re going to be pushed to get to where you want to be, or haven’t been hitting your weekly goals then question whether a refeed is needed. Differentiate refeeds (planned increase in carb intake) and ‘cheat’ meals (a ‘free’ meal with no specific nutrient focus- usually high fat/carb).  If you’re not able to get off the sofa because you’re physically and mentally exhausted to the point of a meltdown, this is when you should be consuming high amounts of carbohydrates to restore your glycogen levels. Think of it as recharging a spent battery. Don’t worry about gaining fat since the carbohydrates will go directly to refueling the depleted glycogen stores. These carb refeed days should also give you a good idea of how ‘full’ your muscles will look on competition day.


Peak Week

Keep it simple! Paul’s preferred method is ‘Fill and Spill’. This approach will need tweaking depending on how you’re looking and feeling in the last few days before the contest. Check out the webinar recording for details on this approach.

The webinar packs in a lot of top-notch info (a massive thank you goes out to Paul Rimmer for sharing his knowledge, experience and time with MASS) so do take your time to go through it all. If you have any questions or comments about the webinar content feel free to drop us a message. And why not post a question to the SPC group?


If you’re still debating whether to sign up for SPC, hopefully, this post will fill you with the confidence you need to register! There is still time to sign up before registrations close on 9th March. You can find all the details on our website, and you can follow this link to register.



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