Focus on: MASS Internship – Jessica Gordon-Brown

We recently awarded two of our interns this year with our first ever ‘Star Intern Award’ and wanted to take the opportunity to share a little about them and also our internship activities.


Here’s our interview with Jessica, MASS Brighton member and 2017 MASS Wars Women’s Champion who is studying Sports Product Design at the University of Brighton and is currently in her final year.


Tell us a bit about yourself.

I have always been involved in sport throughout my life, representing my country in a variety of sports (judo and acrobatic gymnastics).

Since being involved with MASS I have got more involved with Olympic Weightlifting and I hope to also compete for my country in this new sport in the future.




What was your role during your internship and why did you decide to do it?


I was the design intern for MASS for a total of around 3 months. I designed a lot of the marketing documents including the MASS WARS logo and the MASS FITNESS EDUCATION pitch document and supporting data.


I do product design so it was the best-suited internship for me, and David said he needed some help with designing the MASS posters, documentation etc. so I thought it would be a good opportunity.


What was the biggest lesson you took away from the time you spent?


Check your work before sending it over, this could have saved me a lot of time! When something was missing in the document and I had sent it over only to be told it needed to be checked again and things to be added.



What was the highlight of your work?


The education fitness pitch document, I only had a week to get it done and I was very happy with how it turned out.



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What did you enjoy most creating?


I love doing logos, so probably the MASS WARS logo.


feature image mass wars



Why should other students apply for an internship?


Good to add to your CV, and employers look for students who put in the extra effort to gain more experience in their chosen field of work.



How did you find working directly with David?


He is very good at telling you exactly what he wants, detailed instructions of the task at hand, which reduces error when creating documents etc. and saves a lot of time. 




Over Jessica’s 3 month internship she designed our MASS Wars logo, made graphics for social media, she aligned our MASS education presentations with MASS Branding, designed the accompanying handouts that come with them and our pitch document for the MASS education program. 


Term 2 Internships now open

We are now taking applications for term 2/Easter internships. Starting March through to May.

There’s plenty of opportunities available, lots to learn and we will find something that suits you.

If you’re interested in a rewarding internship with MASS get in touch at

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