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Taking It To The MAX

If you thought Maximuscle was already one of the most renown household names in sports nutrition with the most proven, tested and effective products then you’re about to be blown away by what they have in store.

A full revamp including new branding, optimised in house manufacture and nutritionist specification product recalibration has been underway for the best part of a year. Maximuscle are officially taking it to the MAX.



Their experts have been working hard behind the scenes on their tech, flavours, ingredients, quality control, image, offering, relevance and distribution. Set to relaunch at BodyPower, you needn’t go anywhere else for your sports nutrition needs.



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  • All-natural ingredients. SO many brands out there have every filler substance under the sun in their products and unnecessary amounts of artificial flavouring and colour and YOU DON’T EVEN KNOW IT. How often do you read the labels and ingredients in detail on the products your putting in your body? For most of us, it’s not that often, and the industry takes advantage of this. With brand new independently owned facilities in the natural foods hub of Germany you won’t find a single artificial in a Maximuscle product. This has made it extremely difficult for the company and has taken months of testing, they’re having to find ways to make natural products taste as good as the sweeteners and flavourings we’ve become accustomed to over the years, but guess what… They’ve done it! That’s the way things are moving people, and Maximuscle are the first to take that step. Don’t wait for word to come out on just how much damage all the artificial substances and filers are doing to your body, be a leader, join the revolution now.
  • A complete nutrition brand. When you’re ordering your supps you want it plain and simple, you want to get everything you need in your basket from one retailer with quick checkout so you can get back to the gym to make them gains. Although leading the marketing with the ground-breaking products that we all know such as Promax, Cyclone and the more recent RAW range that we know you students all love, Maximuscle have however had some gaps in their offering. New vitamin and minerals, Vitamin D and a traditional pre-workout are among the vital products coming in.
  • Fun and flavoursome. Sports nutrition is becoming more and more a part of our everyday lives, there’s snack products, products to add to your food, bedtime snacks… You could incorporate sports nutrition into breakfast, lunch and dinner these days and Maximuscle are about to allow you to do that, naturally. They have sharing products, miniature bites and new flavoured bars to add some tingle to your Saturday night jingle.
  • Aspirational Sportswear. Now this may be less of an innovation and forward movement than all their back-end advancements such as manufacture and new products but nonetheless is a big move. Maximuscle have always put more effort into delivering quality products and supporting grassroots athletes than they have ‘keeping up with the jones’ which is evident with their commitment to having complete Informed-Sport certification across their entire range and their sponsorship of University sports teams and of course ourselves, MASS. But now it’s time to play the game a little, so soon you can look forward to all the cool and trendy sportswear from them that you’d expect from a top sports nutrition brand, and you can represent the best of the best and show everyone that you’re about that life, and you’re an innovator.
  • Fresh, clean look. If you’re a regular customer of Maxi already which if you’re reading this you probably are then this might just look like a packaging shape up to you, but rest assured it’s more than that. Maxi want to help people, and they aren’t putting all this investment and effort into their manufacture and their promises for no reason. As well as the pre-sold dedicated athletes they genuinely want ordinary people to be able to improve their fitness and lifestyle, and put their health first. The restructure of packaging and the look is all about making what they’ve put so much effort into, their natural and optimised products, appealing to the people who need them but are afraid to make that change or unsure of where to start. The changes coming in will add clarity to what’s what and give the appeal needed to the right consumer to start with the right product for them.
  • New website. A new website, easy to use, easy to navigate and easy to checkout. Similar to the additions to the product range, this is all about making it simple for you.
  • New slogan. #YourMAX is about being YOUR best, whatever that may be, however that may be. In a world where we compare ourselves to others Maxi want you to compare yourself to the person in the mirror only. Just reading the slogan #YourMAX makes me want to go to the gym now and work on me, my max, push myself to my best ability and be the best version of myself.


So there you have it, the new Maximuscle relaunch. This is as much info that’s been leaked to us but there is way, way, more to come so make sure you go to see Maximuscle at BodyPower 2019 in May at the Birmingham NEC where you can see it all for yourself.



As always thanks to Maximuscle for supporting MASS and making what we do possible.

For generous MASS exclusive discounts, contact your MASS committee now!

Get ready to take it to the Max… #YourMAX


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Maximuscle CONFIRMED as new sponsors in BIG deal

MASS is very pleased to announce that the infamous sports nutrition brand MAXIMUSCLE are now MASS’s headline sports nutrition sponsors. Let us tell you more…




The Brand

Maximuscle is a huge brand and pretty much a household name. The first sports nutrition company to hit the market when sports supplements were first introduced. Everyone remembers their first tub of Promax or Cyclone and the journey that sent them on. The Maximuscle image is clean and professional, a well-presented brand.


We feel that this prestigious and accredited aura that Maximuscle has will reflect well on MASS and on our societies. Helping us to grow the society network and help our societies recruit more members.



17015922_10154392116994067_4449454332000762163_oThe Product Range

The product range is large, specific and affordable. It’s important that our sponsor has products you’ll want to use and that cater to all areas of training. Maximuscles range stems from muscle building all-in-ones to sport specific products, electrolyte replenishing endurance products, convenience products such as ready-to-drink shakes and bars and now their new RAW ingredients range, and more. Meaning there’s something for all your members.


A side note from us – their new Award Winning RAW range is a gamechanger for us in choosing Maximuscle for be your sponsor. You can now get the core components we all love, with that upmarket Maximuscle feeling, at affordable prices – making it one line of Maxi products that I know you’d definitely want to and would use as well as potentially some of the other more specialised lines also. Check out the RAW range on their site here ?




ALL Maximuscle products are certified by ‘INFORMED-SPORT’

The Informed-Sport programme certifies that nutritional supplements and/or ingredients that carry the Informed-Sport logo have been screened for substances banned in sports by the World Anti-Doping Agency (WADA). Informed-sport requires that every batch of a product must be tested in order to grant use of the INFORMED-SPORT logo… And EVERY Maximuscle product is certified.


Lots of brands are slapping on ‘finest quality ingredients’, ‘cutting edge innovation’, ‘quality assured’ and other stickers on their packaging but if you look up what these actually mean or is it a proper accreditation it’s likely that it’s either not an accreditation at all and is just marketing or it’s a very poor standard certification where they haven’t had to meet particularly stringent testing to get it. And where some other brands may be claiming to be working with Informed-Sport they’re only certifying a particular ‘range’ of products and charging extra for that range, which to us defeats the object of being ‘Informed-Sport’ certified in the first place and just looks like a marketing ploy so that they can get the ‘Informed-Sport’ logo on their website in some capacity and look like they’re doing things properly.


For Maximuscle, on the other hand, it’s not a marketing ploy, it’s a value and a promise. And that’s why every single product is certified. MASS, as a pro-natural and academic organisation, is really pleased to be associated with an all Informed-Sport brand.





The Support

Maximuscle will be generous in their support to us and our societies to help drive the MASS mission. You can expect; samples for all MASS members, care packages for your committee to use as prizes for competitions, a heavy discount on the standard Maximuscle range, a reasonable discount on the MaxiRAW range, athlete visits for seminars and more.


The above is all coming soon. Contact your society committee for the latest!





About the Athlete

It’s important for us to be working with more than a sports nutrition company, but rather a brand that’s about the athlete.
Maximuscles online support area, the ‘Home of Gains’, is evidence of really going the extra mile for their customers to provide a complete training experience and not just products. In the Home of Gains you can find meal plans, training plans, training videos, competitions are more to keep you interested and equip you with the tools you need to make gains should you need a helping hand. Join here: Home of Gains


And their chosen athletes reflect this value also. Their team consists of football players, rugby players, professional boxers, bodybuilders, powerlifters, sports models, cover models and personal trainers who love what they do and want to share their passions through seminars and workshops which MASS members can look forward to getting involved in.



In it for the long haul

With a 2-year arrangement from the get-go, we are committed to working closely with Maximuscle to help MASS members make gains nationwide!







Have a browse at in anticipation of the great deals and offers that’ll be hitting your inbox soon!


And stay tuned for lots of cool fun collaborations in the pipeline!


David Bissell

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