In a recent triumph MASS Leicester have been awarded Gold Accreditation by the University of Leicester Students’ Union. This is the highest honour for a society a Leicester, only 10 are awarded putting MASS in the top 10 societies at the Uni. We caught up with MASS Leicester President, Paul Wilson, to find out more…


What did you have to do to win Gold accreditation?


The scheme is new within the university. It required all societies to hand in documentation of what they do as a society, within the university.


There were around 20 different criteria to meet, and MASS ticked nearly every box.


We have 6 different classes that we run throughout the week, which made us stand out. Our commitment to following the rules the Students’ Union set out, helped us a lot, and my own personal commitment to their training sessions really helped get us over the line.


One thing I put forward, and placed emphasis on, was on top of the vast amount of things the society does within MASS at University of Leicester, we also have the wider support of the MASS community throughout the country.


MASS started at the University of Leicester, and I was very keen to keep the society recognised throughout the university to this day.


What does this mean for MASS Leicester?


I feel achieving Gold Accreditation demonstrates our work ethic within MASS, and demonstrates what we have to offer as a society. I hope this fills current members, and potential new members with assurance, about how we operate as a society.


We get a number of benefits as a society for achieving the highest level of accreditation. There is a big list of them. One thing I am quite excited about is that we have been told we are being considered for an award by our Students’ Union at the University of Leicester Student Awards 2016/17. MASS has been nominated a number of times in recent years. It would be nice for that to happen again.


What’s the best thing about being a MASS President?


It feels really good to be running this society. I’ve been in MASS for years, and have achieved a lot during my time here. It feels really good to have made it to the top of the society. I take it as a really big personal achievement for me, and that has given me a lot of confidence.


It gives me great experience working in management. Running a society at university is effectively running a small company, so it has helped me gain many new skills.


Some of the people who were around at the start of my time in MASS always looked to help me out. It feels really good to now be in that role of helping out others, like previous committees did for me.


What’s next for MASS Leicester?


I’m happy with how things are going in MASS at the minute, but I’m really hoping things continue to improve, not just this year, but next year as well.


We have a lot of members at this point in the year, but I’m really keen to get some more active members. I’ve always found in MASS that some people are a bit nervous and hesitant to attend our classes. This is something I would like to see improve.


Next on our list of things is we are attending BodyPower Expo once again this year, and are looking forward to that. And we are also in the planning stages of doing some work within the local community, which I hope turns out to be a success.


Any final words?


I’m really happy that my hard work, dedication, and commitment within MASS has completely paid off. I’m looking to the future now of what else I can achieve during my time at university.


There have been a lot of challenges that I’ve had to overcome during my time at university. My time in MASS has made me feel a lot more confident about myself, and my ability as a person.


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